Stur Ug (Haftungsbeschraenkt) Sports

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Hafenskipper Video

Skipper gesucht? Yachtüberführungen schnell und einfach!

Train to stop, dock and turn your ship with this realistic simulation app.

Maneuvering your ship in close quarters can be a challenge and must be trained well. Hafenskipper simulates harbor maneuvers under power and can help you to get a good understanding of the ship dynamics.

Your Mission:
- Maneuver the ships safely through the harbor
- Dock at the pier and park in the slip
- Choose one of the 12 training levels or drive around freely
- Complete one level successfully to unlock the next level

+ Realistic physics simulation
+ 6 ship types: Boat with outboard engine, motorboat, small dinghy boat, sailing yacht with engine, motor yacht with twin engine, catamaran
+ 12 training levels
+ 1 free running mode with optional wind and current simulation and mooring
+ 1 free running bay mode with wind, mooring and anchoring

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Minor updates and fixes. Disabled shader effect to fix issue on some tablet devices.